Thanksgiving Day Traditions

20 Nov

We all know the common traditions every family does on Thanksgiving. Watch the parade, watch football, and of course take a nap (one of my favorites). While my family does participate in all of those traditions too, we also have a few of our own. Maybe some of ya’ll share my families traditions, or maybe not, but take a look at what my family typically does on Thanksgiving.

One of our favorite things to do after a filling Thanksgiving dinner is to take a stroll around the neighborhood. There’s just something so peaceful about taking in the crisp air while enjoying great conversation.

Yep, you know it. We frequently bring out our favorite board games and have some silly fun! Scrabble, Life, Apples to Apples, whatever the game is, our competitiveness comes out!

My personal favorite? Laughing and sharing old memories! Whether around the dinner table or laying on the couch after a food induced coma, one of our absolute favorite traditions is reminiscing about our favorite family memories. Family first!

What are your favorite traditions?

xo, ff

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