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Shine in 2013

3 Jan


Happy 2013, y’all! It’s that time of year again when we all become a little neurotic and decide that it’s time to start better habits. Eat healthier, shed a few pounds, stop with nasty habits … we’ve all heard those before.  I wasn’t planning on creating resolutions this year, but throughout the day, I came up with some things I’d like to adhere to in 2013. We can always improve on something, right?

Make More Me Time. With a hectic schedule, I don’t always allow myself to enjoy life and have “me” time. Whether it’s catching up on a new novel or taking the dog for an extra long walk, this year is my year to enjoy myself. Life is too short .

Wear heels more. If you saw my shoe closet you’d think I only wore heels (heels for days!). Unfortunately  I don’t wear them as often as you’d think. Being only 5’2″, girl needs some height in 2013 ;)

Go natural. I admit it, I spend entirely too much time blow drying & straightening my hair. Since I was 14 years old, I’ve rarely embraced my natural curly hair. Curls for 2013.

D0 you have any resolutions?

xo, frillyfab