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Feeling a bit Minty Fresh

25 Feb

Until recently, I haven’t given the cringe-worthy 80s bathroom tile color a chance … but now I’m obsessed. I went shopping over the weekend and am now 100% diggin’ this minty hue. I ended up with an array of mint pieces…Mint tops, dresses, shorts … oh my.

Not only is it a universally flattering color, there’s no other color (at least in my Pantone color palette) that soothes quite like mint green. It always looks so fresh, comfortable and feminine. The calming shade is a beautiful mix between blue and green and gives off a light, airy vibe. I’m a big fan of pairing mint with a neutral to add a pop of color. The whimsical color gives a refreshing twist to your look.

earrings – $5, forever 21 // necklace – $8.50, Wet Seal // jacket – $59, H&M //pants – $29, Topshop // top – $14, H&M //boots – $99, Steve Madden //clutch = $1910, Yves Saint Laurent // bangles – $7, Forever 21

girly chictop – $58, OASIS // clutch = $1420, Yves Saint Laurent // skirt – $27, topshop // bracelets – $140, Nicola Hinrichsen // earrings – $48, Kate Spade // shoes – $79, Dorthy Perkins


How are you liking the color?

xo, frillyfab


Corpse Chic*

11 Oct

Bones are back, baby. And I’m not talking about the scrawny models on the runways. Not just for Halloween anymore, skulls are being stamped on just about everything from jewelry to blouses and have taken over fashion.

Alexander McQueen helped kick-start the trend for skulls not long back, and thank the grateful dead, because I am the biggest fan on this trend wagon! Infatuated with all things skull inspired, I recently bought a few great skull pieces——Cute, glitzy, and sometimes spooky, skulls are surprisingly versatile.

Whether a skull is a pleasant surprise on a chic charm bracelet or a statement print on a scarf, they bring a certain edge to your look.

xo, frillyfab
(Purchase the skull bracelet here)

P is for Polka Dots

9 Apr

They’reeeee back. Yep, you guessed it…Polka dots are full blown this season. And thank the heavens, because I love me some polka dots. They’re girlie, yet add the perfect amount of character. Looking to add some interest to your wardrobe this season? Do so by incorporating this fabulous print to our outfit. Whether you opt for a polka dot blouse or a more subtle polka dot clutch, you really can’t go wrong.

Are you head over heels over polka dots like I am?

xx, frillyfab

So vintage!

10 Oct

Whether you are looking for simple and charming, elegant and classy, bold and dramatic, or quirky and unique, vintage jewelry is the perfect way to complete any look. Over the weekend I browsed around a few local boutiques and was thrilled when I found a pair of vintage owl earrings. Like my slight infatuation with all things frilly, my sister can’t keep her hands off anything containing an owl. Knowing how ecstatic L would be to have these little beauties as her own left me no choice, but to bring them home with me. Vintage inspired jewelry is making it’s way in style this season and with pearls being my “gem” of choice, I couldn’t be more excited a certainly a must-have for the modern day fashionista. This season you’ll see plenty of tear drop pendants, feather charms, pearls, antique silver, and rosaries.

Glam up any outfit with vintage inspired pieces (that shows off your personality, of course!). Can’t find jewelry you like? Combine vintage and modern day jewelry for a unique look.

xo, ff

I’m Fascinated!

26 Jul

Is it just me or are you guys still infatuated with Kate Middleton? No? It’s just me? Okay, so maybe I love the Duchess of Cambridge a little more than the average girl, but with her classic style, warm personality, and trendy fascinators, how can a girl resist?

Every time the Duchess of Cambridge steps out into public she dazzles paparazzi and onlookers alike with her London chic garb. It’s as if she was born to be a princess … or maybe it’s just her abundance of fancy hats. Which brings me to London’s iconic fascinator, those sometimes adorable, sometimes bizarre “mini-hats” that are often attached to a head band adored with feathers, beading and other embellishments. America is quickly jumping on the fascinator trend train (& so am I!) and to ensure you look nothing less than regal while following this trend I’ve come up with a few style tips.

1. Keep it in proportion. We all have different size and shaped heads. Keep your fasinator proportional to yours.

2. Keep it simple. You wouldn’t want that dazzling head piece to go unnoticed would you? Keeping hair styles simple and classic will ensure the focus is on your fascinator. A classic chignon, slicked back low bun, or simple pony tail are all work well with fascinators

3.Keep it chic. It’s common for those who are new to the trend to take it overboard (Princess Eugenie must have missed the memo). Start off simple & classic (think Victoria Beckham). If you’re going to go big, atleast wear it with Lady Gaga’s fierceness.

Take a walk on the other side of the pond with a gorgeous fascinator this summer. You’ll be called Princess in no time.

xo, frillyfabulous